Village Charter

The Village of Hopkins Charter was first established when the Village was incorporated in 1921.

1921 Charter

In 1921, the Village of Hopkins was incorporated under the State of Michigan Public Act 279 of 1909. A Charter was established for the government of the Village of Hopkins.

The Charter was amended in 1967 to include compensation for the president, trustees, and officers of the council.

Village of Hopkins Charter – 1921

Proposed Charter Revision

In November of 2019, the electors of the Village of Hopkins elected a committee to revise the 1921 Village of Hopkins Charter.

In December of 2020, the Charter Revision Committee voted to submit the final draft of the Revised Charter to the State of Michigan for approval. If approved, the Revised Charter will go up for a vote of the electors of the Village of Hopkins in 2022.

Revised Village of Hopkins Charter – December 2021.