Village Ordinances

The Ordinances of the Village of Hopkins are dually adopted laws and codes, enforceable by the Village Council or its designee for the governance and order of the Hopkins community.

Ordinance Book

The Charter of the Village of Hopkins governs how the Hopkins Village Council functions and governs. A book Ordinances was established in the 1960s to outline the governance of Village life and to establish order in the community.

  1. Title and Contents
  2. Administration
  3. Business Regulations
  4. Franchises
  5. Traffic and Vehicles
  6. Offenses
  7. Miscellaneous
  8. Environmental Protection
  9. Public Works and Utilities
  10. Public Safety
  11. Construction Regulations and Housing
  12. Planning and Zoning
  13. Index

Miscellaneous Ordinances

In addition to the book of ordinances, the Hopkins Village Council has passed several additional Ordinances.

Blight Ordinance
Fireworks Ordinance
Marijuana Ordinance
ORV Ordinance
Floodplain Management

Zoning Ordinances

The Village of Hopkins has made several updates to its Zoning Ordinances.

1998 Zoning Ordinance Update
2018 Zoning Ordinance Update
2020 Zoning Ordinance Update